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Restoration and Regency

It’s a man’s life in the army : Mother Ross – Christian Davies regales you with her stories of life and love in Marlborugh’s army.

Duel!  - An amusing and bawdy inisight into the history of duelling as two friends fight over a ‘lady’.



The tale of the Wicked Lady - Lady Catherine Ferrers the most famous highwaywoman of all time tells of her adventures and life beyond the law in the 17th century.  



Dressing Mr Clark – Regency clothing and etiquette

Top of the chops – the trials and executions of pirates, highwaymen and villains.

Mary Read - the real pirate of the Carribbean
Disguised as a man this courageous woman spent much time amongst the pirates on The Curlew under the command of Captain Jack Rackham (Calico Jack) she was only discovered when an athother cross dressing pirate declared her love…
One lump or two – the totally tantalising history of tea drinking in the eighteenth century.


Stand and deliver – meet historys most notorious highwaymen and women. 







Nell Gwynn – pretty witty Nell tells of her rise from Orange seller to Charles II mistress with a spot of acting in between!

Mothers ruin? – an illustrated history of gin!


Lovely and Lethal: La Maupin – meet the cross dressing deadly duellist as she sings and fights her way across the 17th century.