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Second World War

Spies and Sabotage:  

Part 1 -  Meet a Special Operations Executive agent as she goes through her training and learn what life was like preparing to go into occupied France as a secret agent.
Part 2 – An SOE takes you behind enemy lines and describes what life was like in Occupied France.
Rationbooks, air raids and rivets – life on the homefront during WWII  

Also able to deliver lectures and talks on SOE based on relevant PhD studies.

What did you do in the war mummy?  - hear the story of how women managed to live with rationing, evacuations and make do and mend as well as ‘doing their bit’ during WWII.
I only joined for the hat! -  a member of the Women’s Royal Navy gives you an insight into Navy life and how women joined the Navy to ‘free a man for the fleet’. 


The Warcos – War correspondents in WWII:


Meet the home guard!


One lump or two – a history of tea with a 40s twist