A resource of quality for the heritage/education industries
Reproduction historical accoutrements, regalia, headdress and decorative metalwork of the 18th century, Napoleonic and Victorian wars. - Provides quality Combat-Ready Weaponry for re-enactment, and stage combat for theatre and film.
Noise Of Minstrels presents concerts of early music which draw upon traditional and popular sounds of times past.
Ages of elegance make reproduction historical clothing, unifroms and wedding dresses
Supplies historically accurate armour crafted by hand using traditional techniques.
Beautiful costumes and corsetry

A militaria company dealing in reproduction and authentic Medieval arms and armour as well as items from the US civil war, the British Victorian period, World War 1 and World War 2.

Kats Hats Historical Headdresses, Costumes and Accessories cover the 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries and each one is accurately researched for the period and is uniquely designed to suit the wearer and their requirements.

Unusual, bespoke historical costumes and gowns, and workshops from corsetry to fez making!