Praise for History’s Maid

“for us the Executioner was at the Top of the bill. He was informative, totally involved the crowd and was extremely amusing”
Visitor to Bolsover Castle, April 2016

We were so impressed by your knowledge and approach and our children loved the time they spent with you.
East Ardsley Primary School, October 2012

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their morning, thanks in no small part to your excellent commentary as we went round. Your enthusiasm was infectious.
Visitor, LeedsTown Hall, October 2012

Throughout the 90 minute tour our guide was Dr Kate Vigurs, an experienced and engaging historian was very knowledgeable about the whole workings of the Town Hall clock; she also gives some quite insightful stories about the whole building, especially its courtroom and the characters of old that once stood in the dock.
Visitor, LeedsTown Hall, October 2012

Thank you so much for your contribution – you always deliver fantastic quality, engaging performances that the audiences (and we!) love – Jorvik Viking centre

Thank you for your very dedicated, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, informative and entertaining narrative to the Joust which contributed enormously to the huge success of the event. Arundel Castle (as part of the Arundel Castle International Joust)

‘There was a short floor show/play by an actress doing a sort of monologue about what it was like to be a working woman in Manchester during the war. this was excellent and really well received’ Trip advisor

‘Wonderfully performed dramatic presentation of historical characters’ Trip advisor
‘I could have watched you all day’
Visitor to Imperial War Museum North

‘Just watched Kate Vigurs perform as one of the women of the SOE during WW2 at IWM north. She really brought these women to life as her knowledge off the subject is second to none’.
Visitor to Imperial War Museum North

‘I was lucky enough to be there for two different performances: Clash of the Vikings and The Real Pirates of the Caribbean. A marvellous setting, a human story to identify with and versatility in combat techniques and weaponry through the ages! Magnificent! I also thought the deconstruction of the sword fight was fascinating, as did my grandson! You certainly held a family audience’.
Visitor to Jorvik Viking festival performances 2012

‘You made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up’
Imperial War Museum North

Worth climbing the 199 steps for!
Top of the chops, Whitby Abbey, August 2011

The best history lesson ever!
Top of the chops, Whitby Abbey,August 2011

Brilliant, superb, words fail me!
Top of the chops, Warkworth Castle, August 2011

We had an amazing day at Warkworth today, the Top of the Chops was excellent entertainment
Top of the chops, Warkworth Castle, August 2011

Top of the chops was thoroughly engaging – the half hour or so slipped away but was both entertaining and educational…a great time was had by all
Visitor, Goodrich Castle, August 2011

We have really enjoyed this special day out. The time travellers event was excellent – suitable for all ages and very well presented – enough information for everyone without being overlaoded. Thank you
Visitor, Goodrich castle, August 2011

We stayed from 11am til the end of the day. The special events were outstandingly good. Top of the chops was brilliant in its communication, never flagged in energy and had excellent rapport with the children.
Visitor, Goodrich castle, August 2011

Reviews from Pupils
The best bit was Kate being Anne Boleyn, she was brilliant at being Anne, 10/10!’

‘The afternoon was great, I would give it 5/5!’

‘I liked the part where we were the star chamber. I liked it because we felt important and it depended on us…’

‘Would be better if we really got to chop her head off, he he he!’

Pupils from Blackgates Primary School, Leeds