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Victorian & Edwardian



Victoria and Albert

Meet the Royal couple.

Lice, lamps and latrines - Florence Nightingale: the lady with the lamp describes her time at Scutari hospital and her part in the Crimean War.
Terrible tales of Jack the ripper:
It is 1am on 30th September 1888, Catherine Eddowes has just been released from gaol - unbeknownst to her she has 45 minutes left before her life is brutally taken from her. She spends those last precious moments engaging you, the audience in conversation, telling you about life in Victorian London, surviving on the streets of Whitechapel and her fears about the ripper.

Mothers ruin? – a social history of gin from a fallen woman.

A Very Victorian Christmas - hear all about our festive traditions from card and crackers to Turkey and trimmings.


That bloody woman! - Emily Hobhouse: A British welfare campaigner who exposed the concentration camps set up by the British during the Anglo - Boer war.  She worked to change the appalling conditions endured by women and children in camps such as Makfeking and Bloemfontein.

Votes for women - hear about the struggles and successes of the Suffragettes as they fight for voting rights in the early 1900’s.