Schools Reviews

Reviews from Teachers

‘Excellent fun. Great drama. Very friendly with children and informative’
Blackgates Primary school, Leeds

Students ‘loved it. It was an entirely new experience for them…they found the historical interpretation much more easy to empathise with with than the statistics they are usually taught’
University of Warwick

‘learned things without even noticing they did’
University of Warwick

High quality information, children enjoyed seeing the costume’
Ryecroft Primary School Leeds

Reviews from Pupils

The best bit was Kate being Anne Boleyn, she was brilliant at being Anne, 10/10!’

‘The afternoon was great, I would give it 5/5!’

‘I liked the part where we were the star chamber. I liked it because we felt important and it depended on us…’

‘Would be better if we really got to chop her head off, he he he!’

Pupils from Blackgates Primary School, Leeds