History’s Maid can offer combat displays in fully costumed or armoured ranging from medieval pollaxe fights to Georgian small sword duels.

Joan of Arc – See the weapons and techniques used during the Hundred Years War and hear the tale of France’s national heroine, Jean la Pucelle.

Trial by combat – based on Tallhoffer’s Medieval Fight Manuals; this series of fights shows the techniques needed on the battlefield and also in the lesser known judicial duel where a man (or indeed a woman) could fight to the death for justice!

Shakespeare’s Duels; meet a band of travelling players as they introduce some of the most famous fight scenes in Shakespeare the street brawl in Romeo & Juliet, the death scenes in Hamlet, the death of Desdemona in Othello…plus many more! Telling of the reality behind these scenes, showing fighting techniques and weapons, these are re-enactments of Shakespeare at its finest!

La Maupin – mistress of the sword; come face to face with the lovely but lethal La Maupin, a 17th century French swordswoman, adventuress , opera star and one of the finest swordswomen (or men) of her day, and witness demonstration of her exceptional skills against an unsuspecting opponent!

The real Pirates of the Caribbean! Disguised as a man Mary Read spent much time amongst the pirates on The Curlew’ under the command of Calico Jack’ hear her tale as these pirates swash and buckle their way across the Caribbean seas!

Stand and Deliver In this humorous show, two highwaymen pit the romanticised version of these scourges of the highways and byways against the brutal reality of pistol duels and sword fights!