Fashion through the ages

The Victorian Sporting Lady
Meet two Victorian women who simply love sport : they are keen riders, cyclists, swimmers, archers and fencers and will discuss the attire required for such activities, the etiquette involved and perhaps even give a demonstration of their skills. They may also divulge information about lesser known sports such as cricket for women and water polo!




Dressing Mr Clark (can be done as Georgian, Regency and/or 18th century Military)
A demonstration on the art of dressing a Regency gentleman. Mr Clark will begin the session in a banyan and nightshirt, and be surrounded by the accoutrements of the Regency gentleman: hot chocolate, tea, cakes etc. He will then dress and the talk will cover how visitors were received and business conducted while a man was dressed, the intricacies of his attire i.e cravat tying and include how Beau Brummel would hold audiences and charge for people to watch him. The talk will also cover women’s clothing, toiletries, cosmetics and perfumes. Examples of white lead and alkanet root will be available to view. Mannequins displaying examples of Regency clothing will also be on display.


The wonderful world of Wedding Dresses

Blushing brides have always followed the fashions of their day – see a variety of dresses and hear the stories behind them including Rococo, Georgian, Regency, Victorian bustle and modern day.





‘Keep young and beautiful’ – 40s fashion

From utility to new look we take you through the fashions of the Second World War and talk about life on the home front and in service, as well as restrictions on clothing, ‘make do and mend’ and the need to keep young and beautiful!




From Pants to Panniers

Have you ever wondered how to get an 18 inch waist, or how women managed to walk around in those enormous dresses, well, wonder no more as we give you an insight into histories underwear goes from the earliest bikinis of Mesopotamia up to modern day with a chance to view and handle a variety of historical smalls (mainly corsets and cages) for Rococo, Regency, early Victorian, late Victorian, 1920s, 1950s and modern day.





Each show will have a minimum of 2 players plus mannequins.