Empress Matilda – hear tales of the siege of Lincoln from this most powerful of women.

Top of the chops – a rundown of the Top 5 medieval executions. Who will take the top spot? Find out which victim of the Tudors had the ultimate Axe Factor!

Battlefield bloodshed – tales of mayhem and carnage from the Wars of the Roses

Tales of Robin Hood – meet Hollywood Hood and Medieval Hood as they fight it out to decide who is best!

The Queens Tale – Margaret of Anjou is haunted by ghosts and demons of the past.

Horns, hunts and hullabaloo: Medieval Huntress – A 15th century Lady takes you on an exciting and dangerous journey into the world of medieval hunting illustrating the use of hawks, hounds and horse through the JRR Tolkien’s telling of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.



Archery talk and demonstration – a) A 15th Century lady describes how ladies would partake in the hunt and demonstrates the use of the medieval longbow or b) Joan of Arc describes how the long bow was used during the 100 years war.

The Lancastrian She wolf – Margaret of Anjou – The Lancastrian Queen retells the sickening and bloody events in the aftermath of the Battle of Wakefield.

The siege of Orleans, Joan of Arc – meet the Maid of Orleans as she describes the voices she heard and her part in defeating the English at Orleans in 1428