Plays & Two Handers

Clash of the Day – a light hearted look at the Roman invasion told in terms of a football match complete with its own commentator

Tales of Robin Hood – meet Hollywood Hood and Medieval Hood who fight it out to see who is the best Robin Hood.

The trial of Joan of Arc – the moving last trial and sentencing of the Maid of Orleans

La Maupin – a swash buckling, opera singing, cross dressing heroine takes you on a whirl wind tour of 18th century France singing and sword fighting all the way!

Top of the chops – a macabre and amusing double act which gives you chance to re write history and decide who are the top ten ‘Top of the chops’

Tudor Court – a short play about life and love in the court of King Henry VIII

Tudor Sports and Hunting – a short play about pastimes and hunting in Henry VIII’s court

Duel! – an amusing and light hearted three hander giving an insight into etiquette of the Georgian duel

Letters from the Trenches – a husband and wife separated by the First World War exchange letters